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She didn’t even speak to him until they were in the car.

“I have been waiting forever,” she had said.“I’m sorry,” he replied. Ginny was about to start planning supper when Bonnie Pat, Janine, and Janelle burst through the door.

Ginny thought back to the night 21 years earlier when Billy Pat had proposed.

He had been 40 minutes late picking her up at her house, and she was furious.

In fact, she had grounded her youngest daughter for saying the same thing just last week.

But somehow when Ginny said the word, it was satisfying—rolling, as it did, crisp and clean from her lips. As Ginny showered and dressed, she knew that what made her most angry was the fact that at that very moment, wherever Billy Pat was, he had no idea that she was even upset! Thursday was her day for eating out, and she was determined not to miss it.

It’s gotten to be the most important thing in your life.” Suddenly, she remembered, Billy Pat had swerved the car to the side of the road and stopped. “Look here,” he had told her, “it’s not the most important thing in my life, but it’ll allow me to do the most important thing in my life. Billy Pat owns his own business, a very successful one, and he doesn’t need to spend the time with it that he does. Robert, her father, spent all his time hunting and fishing. He coached his daughters’ softball teams, chaperoned their classes on field trips, and as they each turned fifteen, he insisted on being their first date.

This afternoon, when I asked your dad if I could marry you, I told him I would take care of you. This ring is for you.”Ginny had listened to him with her mouth open, tears rolling down her cheeks. “I love you too.”Sitting there in Norman’s, Ginny wiped her eyes and blew her nose. Ginny puttered around the kitchen as she remembered Billy Pat giving the girls a corsage and taking them all the way past Foley to Elberta for dinner.

He was awed by this place, yet he felt as if he belonged here. The point of Jesus’ mission is not to draw attention to himself but to transform the way human beings live.

Breaking free of reasonable, standard, but unconscious patterns of thought is what Jesus was about.


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