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Sincerely, Mario PS: At the time I write this (E3) you seem to have a hoarse voice. It's my personal opinion that that's why cosplay is so big, both in Japan and here in the States. They can get wild and not feel weird about it because they can hide behind their costume (and when cosplay is involved, they can hide behind the character's disposition).However, all of my costumes have been provided by businesses via my personal request.

Hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend planned and if you see some chick on the beach wandering around in a drunken and sunburned haze, feel free to say "hello." Aloha Jess, I've read your column since the start and it is a pretty interesting one. If that's the case-do the dreams and goals talk and bed her.

I'm really hoping this sun stays, especially for Memorial Day weekend, because I'd like to hit up the beach and check out all of the scantily clad middle-age men (I can hear the Santa Monica beach already calling out to me). So Jess, what I am asking you for is not advice but a question: will I be in sex heaven having back breaking sex nightly, or should I try and find a girl I can stand longer than five minutes and can deal with my RTS, FPS gaming standards? Well, have fun at E3, Gamestop wouldn't let me go for free ( I work for them) and I couldn't get any time off at Armani (work for them too) so please hit up the Gears of War Xbox 360 kiosk if you can. But with freedom also comes loneliness-which inevitably leads to teary eyes and a much needed shoulder to cry on. If this is the route you choose, skip the "I want to get to know you more and actually care about what you have to say" talk and just keep her drunk and slutty (unless there's no possible way to get her in bed without having to pretend to care what she has to say.

A relationship is always easier to fall into rather than scoring a one-nighter. Because the girls that are in school are usually there to score a boyfriend or a husband anyway.

If you decide to run with the relationship option, skip right over the whole party girl scene and shoot straight for the girl who you can tell is out of her element in college. Oftentimes they were big fish in a little pond and now that they have been relocated to an area where they're essentially competing with thousands of other women their self-esteem is usually at an all time low and they're rather vulnerable.

While it's not unheard of hot girls hooking up with guys who aren't as attractive as they are, it's rather rare.

Oftentimes, if you play the "friend" card with a hottie, she will do nothing but look at you as friend material which will just leave you frustrated and with a raging boner.The best and easiest way to get the job done with one of these types is by starting off as the caring friend (saving them seats at lunch, lending them your pen in class, helping with homework, etc&#Array;).After the friend trust is built, go in and make your move. NOTE: Make sure to shoot for a female equal to your looks.That's not to say it's impossible, just choose who you go to with your blatant sex request carefully.Also keep in mind that while the lucky gal may seem cool with it from the get-go, after the sex she may revert to "chick" mode and start demanding your "boyfriendish" attention.THE COLLECTORS ARE PROTHEANS, LIARA BECOMES THE NEW SHADOW BROKER, THE REAPERS KILL EVERYTHING IN THE UNIVERSE BECAUSE THEY DON'T KNOW HOW TO DEAL WITH CONSCIOUS ROBOTS, ALL YOUR CHOICES UP TO THE ENDING IN MASS EFFECT 3 ARE POINTLESS AND SHEPARD DIES ... 1 Mass Effect is an RPG/Shooter series from those nerds at Bioware that also brought you such classics as Kot OR and Baldur's Gate.The games focus on complex mechanics such as shooting people from behind cover and scavenging the environment for better guns to shoot people in the face.If you find one that has moved far from home to go to school-even better!These girls are looking for someone to take care of them so that they're not wandering around by themselves. I have just turned 18, and I'm heading off to Columbia School for Arts in Chicago. After talking with my college friends I have gotten mixed opinions on the dating and sexual status that I will possibly hit when I enter the rite of passage for most 18ers. It's within those first three months that freshmen girls get their first taste of freedom (aka: drunken parties). Now once you have the girl that was doing vodka body shots alone in a room-you have a decision to make. The first path: You decide to do the one night stand thing. After 6 sexless months and countless raids later I've stopped. The first 3 months of college are imperative for dating/sex.


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