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He had a friend pick out a diamond necklace and he had a staff member hide it in my closet.

Here again he was asking for my advice instead of first considering how the news might make me feel.

Here again he was only really admitting his indiscretions because the woman had come forward, forcing him to come clean.

Mark Sanford, who had publicly admitted an affair with a woman in Argentina, Jenny Sanford posted a picture Tuesday of herself with her fiance on Instagram with the caption "... " Jenny Sanford told The Post and Courier of Charleston she will marry investment banker Andy Mc Kay this spring. Jenny Sanford says they bought a ring and got engaged Monday after last week's East Coast snowstorm delayed Mc Kay's trip to Charleston.

She says her sister introduced them and Mc Kay is a kind man who gets along with her four grown children she had with Mark Sanford, who is now a U.


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