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While Diamond wrote the song and recorded it three years before VIC DANA's top 30 hit, Diamond's recording barely charted.

Writing in January 25, 2013 edition of the Nashville Business Journal, NBJ staff writer JAMIE Mc GEE curiously fails to mention KATHY MATTEA by name as she references JON VEZNER, who sang his wife's hit, 'Where've You Been?

"I realize I can still [email] letters to the editor.

The reality is I did submit one on this very subject...

By that time a number of respected news organizations had taken Watts' word for it and the error had been circulated worldwide.

In response to my question, Cindy told me her information had come from the Halls' "people." I was hardly surprised, suggesting to Watts' that I had seen Halls' employees come and go over the 40 years, comparing them to a "revolving door." At that point, Cindy's story changed slightly: She told me the Halls had given her the information.

If that, sadly, happens to be true, Cindy should realize that, accurate or not, Watts' name is on what she writes and, if that doesn't matter to her, it may to her next employer.

Even more shocking, MEG DOWNEY, the newspaper's managing editor rationalizes the gap between the newspaper's stated position on accuracy and reality.

Prior to that time, the newspaper began to suppress real-time online feedback to articles on its website, in the name of civility, by requiring that readers use Facebook accounts to post their responses.

The action elicited a letter to the editor, published, in the print edition, citing the dangers of Facebook.


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