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When, for example, Japanese Buddhist sculpture of the 9th century moved from the stucco or bronze Tang models and turned for a time to natural, unpolychromed woods, already ancient iconographic forms were melded with a preexisting and multilevel respect for wood.Union with the natural was also an element of Japanese architecture. The symmetry of Chinese-style temple plans gave way to asymmetrical layouts that followed the specific contours of hilly and mountainous topography.Size Japanese women are almost universally petite – that is very small and very slim which comes from their diet as well as their genetics.

The perfectly formed work of art or architecture, unweathered and pristine, was ultimately considered distant, cold, and even grotesque.

This sensibility was also apparent in tendencies of Japanese religious iconography.

Here we’ll look at what it is that makes Japanese women attractive to many men.

Of course if you’re Japanese yourself then this will all be old news to you, but a good boost for your self esteem nonetheless.

The borders existing between structures and the natural world were deliberately obscure.

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Elements such as long verandas and multiple sliding panels offered constant vistas on nature—although the nature was often carefully arranged and fabricated rather than wild and real.Hair Japanese women are generally known to sport jet black hair which is highly attractive and as mentioned can contrast against their china-white skin.At the same time their hair is normally very straight and this is something that most guys appreciate.Fashion It’s also a bit of a generalisation whether or not it’s true that Japanese women have particularly good fashion sense, and this of course means that they are better able to compliment their exotic and beautiful looks as well as their slim frame.Tastes Again it’s a big generalisation, but many men believe that Japanese women are less impressed by looks and strength and more impressed by achievements and intelligence.Rock outcroppings, waterfalls, and gnarled old trees were viewed as the abodes of spirits and were understood as their personification.This belief system endowed much of nature with numinous qualities.This usually meant the elevation of ancillary deities such as Jizō Bosatsu (Sanskrit: Kshitigarbha bodhisattva) or Kannon Bosatsu (Avalokiteshvara bodhisattva) to levels of increased cult devotion.The inherent compassion of supreme deities was expressed through these figures and their iconography.) sites suggest a pattern of increased stabilization of communities, the formation of small settlements, and the astute use of abundant natural resources.It’s only natural to like people who we think will like us so it stands to reason these tastes would make them more attractive to a lot of Western men (even if they are incorrect assumptions).An indigenous religious sensibility that long preceded Buddhism perceived that a spiritual realm was manifest in nature.


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