James garner and gena rowlands dating

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12, about an old widow, a young instructor and their unlikely friendship.

Il débute au cinéma dans The Girl he left behind de David Butler.

Après quelques seconds rôles, c'est le petit écran qui lui apporte le succès avec la série Maverick où il donne la réplique à Jack Kelly.

"You don't see that too much anymore, that sort of gentle story.

There's an awful lot of impatience around." Rowlands was born in the more patient environs of Depression-era Wisconsin, but moved about as her father, a former legislator, took on various jobs for FDR.

Direction la marine marchande puis une multitude de petits boulots en tout genre.

Envoyé en Corée pendant la guerre, il est blessé et décoré de la "purple heart", une haute distinction militaire.

"You know, the real advantage of acting is you get to lead a hundred lives; you're not stuck with yourself all the time." With her parents' blessing ("They never thought anything was too hard for me") she dropped out after her junior year of college to move to New York and become an actress.

She took classes, did theater and eventually became a regular on live television, which was using scores of hungry New Yorkers — one of whom, John Cassavetes, she married in 1954.

When they're reunited after years of being apart, their differences don't matter because true love doesn't die.

James Garner de son vrai nom James Scott Baumgarner, fils d'avocat, quitte son Oklahoma natal et l'école à 16 ans.


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