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The three guys one girl structure and selfish characters have led many critics to compare the show to Seinfeld, and was frequently called "Seinfeld on crack" by critics.

The show follows a group of friends, regularly called "the gang," which consists of Dennis Reynolds, Deandra "Sweet Dee" Reynolds, Charlie Kelly, and Mac. Charlie is the high-strung idiot-savant who is obsessed with the waitress at a coffee shop. Charlie: I could stick it in a landfill, where it's gonna stay for millions of years, or I could burn it up and let it disappear into the sky where it turns into stars.

Frank is his roommate and possible biological father.

Charlie is the janitor at the pub, and a known illiterate.

They run Paddy's Pub, a struggling Philadelphia dive bar. Mac is the wanna-be bruiser who is forever stuck in adolescence. Frank Reynolds: I'm going with you guys because I am bored as shit. Mac: That doesn't sound right, but I don't know enough about stars to dispute it.

In the second season, Danny Devito joins the cast as Dennis and Dee's neglectful father Frank, a shady businessman who is drawn to the gang's depraved lifestyle. Dee Reynolds: That's not a good idea because when you get involved people usually get hurt. It's like a jacket, only it's longer, thicker, and far more badass. Dennis: "My nose was crafted by the gods themselves, Frank. Every episode of , and it's a comedic well that's surprisingly fruitful.But this episode, in which Dee hits rock bottom only to find out—thanks to the guys—that things can get way, way worse, is just kind of overkill.123.Frank Reynolds: I'm just hanging out with the guys. I look like Lorenzo Lamas, and women find it irresistible. My body was sculpted to the proportions of Michelangelo's David. , that's remained on air for 11 years and sprinted past the 100-episode mark that isn't held in the same regard as the aforementioned shows. This show about a group of people who own a bar in South Philadephia, with its morally bankrupt characters and bold, willfully offensive storytelling."Gun Fever" (Season 1, Episode 4) "Gun Fever" borders on having an interesting conversation about guns in America, but never quite gets there.The twisted plot in its place makes for a fun watch, but that's it.121.The characters of It's Always Sunny are constantly beaten down and suckered by the forces of corporate America, but they dare to fight another day of irreverence and flagrant inappropriateness.Charlie (Played by Charlie Day) is the former co-owner at Paddy's and a childhood friend of Mac and Dennis.For more than a decade, EPs (and stars) Robert Mc Elhenney, Glenn Howerton, and Charlie Day have churned out episodes flooding with humor, indelible scenes, and low-key biting commentary.And as the show begins its season tonight—with a thirteenth and fourteenth already in the works—Philly's finest are showing no signs of stopping.


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