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In Hollywood, media, business and sport, cascading sexual assault and misconduct allegations have brought down powerful men.

They've been sacked, resigned, had their films, TV shows and book deals cancelled, been stripped of honours, had their careers frozen, in some cases literally overnight.

He is a lifelong morality campaigner and was twice ejected as the chief justice of Alabama for putting religion before the law.

The general consensus here is to let the voters decide in the special election in December. Republicans are said to be working on a hairbrained scheme whereby they urge voters to write-in Attorney-General Jeff Sessions instead of Mr Moore. Sessions isn't said to be all that interested because being the Attorney-General was a lifelong dream, but he's been out of favour with the President since he recused himself from the Russia investigation, which leads us to the next thing.

As a next step, Move On strongly supports an immediate investigation by the Senate Ethics Committee," the group's chief communication officer, Nick Berning, said in an email."Sexual harassment is never acceptable and must not be tolerated," Minority Leader Chuck Schumer tweeted early in the afternoon.

"I hope and expect that the Ethics Committee will fully investigate this troubling incident, as they should with any credible allegation of sexual harassment."The abortion rights group NARAL issued a broad condemnation of sexual misconduct in "the traditionally male, very powerful Halls of Congress" and anywhere else, but mentioned Franken by name only to say it expects him "to be at the front of the line in addressing the impact of (elected leaders') behavior, and changing this destructive culture."To Leeann Tweeden and all the women who have come forward with their stories of sexual harassment & assault: We support and believe you.The revelations also diverted attention from the sexual abuse scandal facing Republicans: Senate candidate Roy Moore of Alabama is accused of making advances on teenagers when he was in his thirties."Progressives & Democrats must not tolerate sexual harassment or assault," it said in a tweet. @Sen Franken should be held to the same standard as anyone in public or private life.""What accountability should look like is clearly an important question.On October 10, Franken shared an opinion piece, written by former Fox News host Gretchen Carlson, that detailed ways to assure "more victims have opportunities to speak up, and to see justice served when they do."Franken introduced the piece on Facebook by writing: "The women who have shared their stories about Harvey Weinstein over the last few days are incredibly brave.It takes a lot of courage to come forward, and we owe them our thanks. Ms Tweeden says she didn't do this to make Senator Franken stand down from his Senate seat — although she said that might change if more women come out accusing him of similar misdeeds. ) and they may be on the cusp of passing a big one after the $US1.5 trillion tax cut passed the House today.It's being sold as a middle-class tax cut, but under the proposal, those provisions will sunset by 2026, while the corporate tax rate cut from 35 per cent to 20 per cent will be forever (however long that is these days).Another who was 16 says he offered her a lift home and then groped her in his car.A Sears shop assistant who was a senior in high school says he actively pursued her despite her resistance and then called her at school, asking her on a date when she left trigonometry class to take the call in the principal's office.Ro Khanna, a California Democrat, called on Franken to "come completely clean about the details of what happened, and if there are any other incidents involving other women that may come to light."Franken himself has been outspoken on the rising tide of sexual harassment and assault allegations now sweeping across American life, from Hollywood to the corridors of Congress.His past statements -- dating to his first run for Senate in 2008, when Republicans hammered him over a column he had written for Playboy magazine nearly a decade earlier -- will now be subject to sharper scrutiny and charges of hypocrisy.


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