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This is especially true if you have a complaint or bad news to deliver. Her need to talk things out when you want to be quiet, or his desire to go to the garage and tinker when you want to be together is not about you. Once you understand it’s all about them, it makes it easier to manage and less of a personal attack.If your mate is an extrovert, you have to allow plenty of time to talk it through. If your partner is more of an introvert, he or she will want some time to process and think things through, so giving them a heads up about a conversation beforehand will give them the necessary time to think it through before talking it out. In fact, once you start noticing your mate’s energy levels and how they recharge, you’ll want to encourage what they need so you can have more of them at their best.You see, when I told him earlier I was an introvert, he didn’t quite understand what I meant and I didn’t fully explain it.

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It’s easy to take these differences personally or think your mate is just being difficult. It wasn’t until we began traveling the world together in 2010 – working, traveling, and being together 24/7 – that we learned the lessons it might have taken us years to notice and absorb in our old verify your hunch about yourself and your mate from introvert expert and author Susan Cain.

You can’t drop a bomb on the way out the door from work and expect to pick up the conversation later after you’ve had a chance to mull it over. In an introvert-extrovert relationship, your way is not the best way, and neither is your mate’s. It’s one thing to know your introvert/extrovert status and manage your own energy levels.

It is an entirely other thing to merge that style with your mate.

And you know this small favor on your part will reap huge dividends for your partner and your relationship.

He’s the yin to your yang, and her influence makes you a better person.


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