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At the risk of sounding like a lunatic, witnessing them gives me more hope for the world in general."Main did the right thing, for his business and for his employees.It’s difficult maneuvering a toxic work environment, and sometimes employers must be nudged to fix what is broken.

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On Thursday, I had an extensive interview with the server whose dismissal was the breaking point that pushed 12 staff members and the restaurant’s award-winning chef to quit – at least temporarily.

Alexandria Tiano described to me a place that was quietly imploding.

I drove by Tinker Street on Tuesday – the day the restaurant reopened after an employee strike that lasted nearly two weeks – to see how crowded things looked. After all the drama, I was happy that folks showed their support by stopping for a meal or wine and snacks.

But I wasn't able to shake the many questions I had about what led to the walk out.

She declined because she has since found other employment.

Main praised his staff for speaking up and expressing their concerns.Any employees indirectly affected by the harassment may also file a harassment claim.Some cases of sexual deviance can be cause for termination Any form of harassment is unacceptable in the workplace and every employee is entitled to being treated with basic dignity and respect.The work environment was “stressful and intimidating,” she said.“If Peter wasn’t there, the store was a family. The chef cooks for them, and they are supposed to be done eating by p.m.Tiano said the worker arrived later than usual, but still had time to eat and clean up before his shift started.“Peter was insisting that he couldn’t eat because he wasn’t there in time to eat,” Tiano said.They felt they were being heard and taken seriously.”Tiano said Main didn’t appear to know how distressed his staff was about George, but he quickly took action.She described Main as a “very kind soul” who checked on her daily and asked her to come back to Tinker Street to work.The next Wednesday, during a menu meeting on March 28, the disgruntled staff aired their grievances to George and Main and then walked out.The staff met Tiano at another restaurant on the same day and told her what had happened and why they made the decision to strike.Ownership has shifted to chef Braedon Kellner and co-founder Thomas Main. Tiano said she observed troubling behavior in the six days she worked at Tinker Street.When George was in the building, he talked down to employees. But as soon as he walked in, everybody’s energy was sucked out of them. It was so bad with his presence there.”Tiano described an afternoon at work where the staff watched as George dressed down an employee who arrived a bit late for the meal the employees are provided before the doors open at 5 p.m.


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