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Interested in learning how to build mental strength?

Sign up for my e Course Mental Strength: Mastering the 3 Core Factors. It's like having your face pressed against the window on December 25th.

Despite the emotional toll, more than 70 percent of users check Facebook daily.

So why on earth do people keep coming back for more if Facebook causes them to be sad?

Becoming more mindful of your passive Facebook use will reduce the amount of time you waste, which in turn can help you feel better. Most people share the highlights of their lives on Facebook.

They don't announce their trials, problems, or insecurities.But ultimately, that individual isn't likely to communicate with friends, nor is the Facebook visit likely to boost his or her mood.Yet there's a good chance the person will fail to recognize the personal toll being taken, and he or she will keep going back for more.Ever see that scene from the film "Scooge," (1952) when Tiny Tim stands outside the toy store, and very briefly, you see hearthache on his face when a woman purchases a toy for a wealthy child?I deactivate my Facebook rather often, and I always find that I feel better.This trend is also true for the United States — across the pond, U. daters most preferred Asian women, except for Asian men. More than one billion people log into Facebook every day.Their remorse over being unproductive causes them to feel sad.Feeling sad after you log out isn't the only way Facebook takes a toll on your mental health.Want to learn how to give up the bad habits that hold you back?Pick up a copy of 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do.


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