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I think that perhaps my hopeful, unfiltered, and grown up perspective may have freaked him out because last night he told me I was intense.I would prefer to be viewed as difficult rather than intense, and it hurt my feelings.Last night made me wonder not only if I had gotten it wrong, but what was wrong with me?

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*** If you can relate to more than half of the 20 signs above, you’re probably an excruciatingly intense person.

There is no such thing as “small talk” or “frivolous banter” to us. I implore you, share your stories and experiences below.

I am the most optimistic person I know when it comes to love. Dating is hard, and exhausting, but it takes someone special for me to invest in for longer than a drink.

If you look at my dating history it would make more sense for me to get a bunch of cats and let go of that part of my life, but at the end of the day love is grand, touch is important, and so I keep trying. I like this man I’m dating for many reasons, and some of those reasons are new to me, which is wonderful.

That’s what is going on, and so that is what I write about.

I haven’t really been dating much lately because my heart is still a little stunned from the last go round, but I found myself feeling lonely and wanting to try again. I care about people’s feelings and always appreciate when someone is interested in me.It’s not the end of world, and life goes on, but it is a drag.As someone who dates, it is hard to face the fact I suck at it.I would call myself a lot of things, but not intense. I am an advanced communicator, and not afraid to say what I think or feel, but that makes me a grown up.I suppose it can be perceived as intense, so I guess I’m going to die alone, with 18 cats.It has left me sad, which is sad, because what it means is that in my attempt to be brave in how I approach my relationships, I ended up being someone I am not, which has been interpreted in a certain kind of way, which is horrible.Perhaps I am more embarrassed than sad, but sadness is winning right now, and so I cried and then had a restless sleep. Sometimes we plan to do or say something weeks in advance. We look at people without blinking (often mistaken for psychopathy). If someone stepped on it we would cringe, shriek, or melancholically stare at its remains for 10 minutes. I write about what is going on in my life, and I can’t not include something, because that would make me a fraud.I date, think Trump is an ass, am starting to love my empty nest, and have made a choice to pay attention to other people’s stories.


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