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Through the document examination it was determined that the documents were cut and paste fabrications.The DNA evidence from the envelopes showed further evidence of the sender.

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The case settled before a trial testimony was required. Valery Aginsky Link to text version of Court Document – JJK Industries VS KPLUS Inc. Link to pdf version of Court Document – Order Denying Defendants’ Motion to Exclude the Testimony of Plaintiff’s Expert Erich J.

Speckin Link to pdf version of Supporting Court Documents Erick Speckin, Dr.

Testimony of Erich Speckin was presented involving Photocopy Manipulation, Alteration, and Page Substitution which was relied on, agreed with, and used as a basis by the Judge.

Relevant Pages 14-18 Client: O’ Melveny Meyers, Daniel Petrocelli, Justin Goldstein and Walt Disney Company – Los Angeles, CA Opposing Unsuccessful Experts: Too many to list but including A.

Valery Aginsky Preliminary Examination and Opinion of District Court Judge Trial Court in Tokyo Japan accepts evidence from Erich Speckin involving sequence of writing and ink lines with convexities.

This evidence was used to show that the high priest added an entry to his diary.The Federal Judge in New York ruled the methods were scientifically reliable and allowed the evidence to be presented to the jury. Valery Aginsky Link to text version – Judge’s Opinion Link to pdf version – Judge’s Opinion Please contact us if you are interested in the entire transcript or the preparation bundle and outline created by Speckin Forensic Laboratories to assist Attorney’s in this type of hearing.Superior Court in Los Angeles County California grants terminating sanctions for, in part, altering documents submitted to the court.The ink dating tests showed the documents to be genuine.After a deposition, the Judge ruled the testimony by Erich Speckin and results we admissible.Fingerprints were also processed from the envelopes and letters.After submission of the forensic reports the client was awarded summary judgment in their favor.Albert Lyter III 47 Page Opinion of San Fransisco Federal Judge Alsup Federal Circuit Appeals Court upholds Federal District Court ruling including Alteration & Evidence Fabrication claims.The court also affirms fees and costs associated with uncovering fraud.The court also ordered the payment of expert and legal fees associated with uncovering the fraud.Client: General Motors & Daniel La Combe (Barris Sott) – Detroit, Michigan Opposing Unsuccessful Expert: Albert H.


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