Icarly speed dating part 1

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Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture out of all the trash stored in crates.Unfortunately, when Spencer powers on his sculpture, the power goes out, and they don't get to break a world record.Meanwhile, Spencer works on a sculpture of toast, made out of butter.

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Freddie begins working only with Valerie and production of i Carly suffers.

Nickelodeon, the channel that produces and airs the series, occasionally schedules and airs the show's episodes out of chronological order, especially during re-runs, which may cause confusion between viewers when episodes have connections to others.

The series premiere, i Pilot, earned 4.1 million views.

In the pilot episode of the series, Carly Shay (Miranda Cosgrove) is accused of photodocking Ms.

Francine Briggs head onto the body of a rhinoceros even though her best friend, Sam Puckett (Jennette Mc Curdy), did it.


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