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They then receive a set of URLs that they can share via email.The recipient then can simply refer to the calendar via a web browser, or by using any i Calendar compliant software or web app they can subscribe to the shared Calendar. Will, The problem seems to be, that the resulting ics file from Suite CRM does not end the BEGIN: VTIMEZONE block properly.

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Thanks Hi suiteric I haven't updated yet since I haven't been able to confirm that 7.0.2 fixes the ical issues.Some organisations will move to it over the next year or two; but lets face facts – some enterprises out there may move to Google Apps, Zimbra or something else, so Federated Sharing isn’t going to be an option.While a workaround might be to create partner mailboxes or use third party software, it would be nice to have a solution that “just works” and enables the business to collaborate with partners easily without worrying too much about what technology each other uses.The links verify and seem ok but we don't see any events in the i Pad calendar.Finally--I may be missing it somewhere, but I don't see anything that explains how to import an ics to Calendar. And Googling 'suitecrm import ics' does not yield anything.Will should be able to clarify this for us soon, I'm sure. I've subscribed to the Suite/Sugar CRM calendar using Busycal. In Suite/Sugar CRM you'll find the link in the preference for the user.From Calendar, you use the "New Calendar Subscription" and paste the link you find in Suite/Sugar CRM.If anybody has the knowledge to implement a fix in an upgrade safe manner, I'm sure everybody depending on the i Cal integration functioning properly would be glad, if you could share it with us. We're just starting out with 7.0.2, which is based on 6.5.16.I think this thread is saying both that Sugar CRM 6.5.16 creates faulty export and that Suite CRM 7.0.1 does also. Does this problem affect the proper functioning of Suite's calendar in 7.0.2?I have found the source and fixed the problem for me.maybe someone can post this to the bug report as a possible fix..


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