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Whichever option you or your teacher chooses you will cover three or four topics (15 hours total) for SL and an additional two or three topics (25 hours total) for HL. Here are the activities: Are you hoping to squeeze in some extra IB classes? She is also passionate about acting, writing, and photography.

You also need to complete experiments and experimental reports as a part of any IB Science course.

As indicted by our high-resolution coral record, this event happened in the winter, which is consistent with a big Comet event (Dai7).

The thick red lines in (a) and (b) indicate the average values before and after M12.

It is well established that a comet collided with the Earth's atmosphere from constellation Orion (or Shen in traditional Chinese astronomy) on 17 January AD 773, the 7th year of Emperor Dai Zong of the Tang Dynasty.

The phenomenon (hereafter Dai7) lasted less than one day and had an accompanying coma that stretched across the whole sky.

The gray triangle in (a) indicates position of C increased by ~ 15‰ in the winter of AD 773 and remained roughly constant for ~ 4 months, and then jumped up by another ~45‰ within four weeks and then dropped down in late spring, forming a spike of 45‰ high.

This is followed by two smaller spikes of C increase by ~45‰ within two weeks (Fig.

The results are expressed in the delta (δ) notation relative to the Vienna Pee-Dee Belemnite (V-PDB) standard.

The analytical error of the laboratory standard is approximately ± 0.2‰ for δIPCC. (eds) (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge 2007). This work was supported by Natural Science Foundation of China (No.


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