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Mentions the possibility of the elimination of the unanimity requirement in verdicts... In January, 1997, Tyrone Gordon was retried before Judge Washington in the D. Eric Holder, the chief prosecutor for Washington, D.

The last batch of jurors described hours of tense deliberations, with some saying they were completely convinced of Cosby’s guilt, while others would not be swayed from their position that Constand was unconvincing on the witness stand.

(READ MORE: Cosby’s only criminal sex-assault case ends in a hung jury, mistrial) What was Cosby’s alleged crime?

Constand says that during a visit to Cosby’s Cheltenham mansion in 2004, Cosby encouraged her to take three blue pills after she complained of a headache.

She told police that the next thing she knew, she was fading in and out of consciousness and woke up the next morning with her sweater bunched up around her and her bra undone.

Cosby has admitted they had sexual contact that night, but maintains that it was consensual and that the medication he gave her was just an herbal remedy.

(READ MORE: Constand confronts Cosby: “I wasn’t able to fight him in any way” | DOCUMENT: Read the criminal complaint) What are the charges?

The pathologies of the Simpson case--from the racialism of Johnnie Cochran to the racism of Mark Fuhrman--are in their own class; the ordinary American jury is experiencing a crisis of a very different sort.

In 1966, when Harry Kalven, Jr., and Hans Zeisel published "The American Jury," their classic study for the Chicago Jury Project, they estimated that about five and a half per cent of all criminal jury trials resulted in hung juries.

Bill Cosby’s first trial in Norristown ended on an inconclusive note – a hung jury and a mistrial.

But as his second courtroom showdown against accuser Andrea Constand opens April 9, the retrial is shaping up to be no simple repeat.


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