How to restore 3 1 3 without updating

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One thing to keep in mind is you cannot use i Tunes for restoring an i Phone or i Pad without updating the software. Step 6: You can now restore your backup with i Tunes.

Step 3: Open ‘Terminal’ and make visible the Library folder.

Type the command: “chflags nohidden ~/Library.”Step 4: Go back to i Tunes, hold back the ‘Option’ key and simultaneously, tap the ‘Restore’ button.

A week following the launch of i OS 9.3.5 jailbreak, Apple released i OS 10.3.3 with just one objective: to obstruct the Yalu jailbreak.

Therefore, users may now consider going back to i OS 9.3.5 as that is jailbreakable and they don’t have any other alternative.

These are the changes: Two files were changed from the Apple logo to the i H8sn0w logo.

Both are called and they are located in \ramdisk\usr\share\progressui\images-1x\ and in \ramdisk\usr\share\progressui\images-2x\.Solutions provided in this article are convenient and provide a complete i Phone backup to restore on a PC without using i Tunes.A backup includes app documents, applications, choices, messages, calendars, associates, and a lot more.A jailbroken i Phone user will need to use Cydia software in order keep the jailbreak intact.We know that the default process for restoration will also automatically update your i OS version on i Phone through i Tunes.Are you facing a dilemma where you would want to restore your i Phone but not update it?If you want to know how to restore i Phone without updating it, then continue reading because this article is for you.This would *THEORETICALLY* allow for not updating baseband without patches/jailbreak.A practical application for this is if someone absolutely needs to update to the latest firmware for work or other reasons, and can't as they must wait for Pwnage Tool to provide support.There are many i Phone users who don’t wish to upgrade to the newest i OS version.But in case there is a need to restore their i Phone, the standard process will require them to get the latest edition.


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