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Similarly, those couples who exchanged gifts before meeting up seemed to form deeper and more committed relationships.The study concluded that simultaneous communication forms more of an intimacy.

Similarly, those couples who exchanged gifts before meeting up seemed to form deeper and more committed relationships.

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The number of internet dating sites is continually growing and has become a very successful and effective business.The information in your profile should be kept simple and honest. (Dr Black, 2003) Dating like many of its rivals offers advice on dating tips and how to find a successful relationship.They suggest that you become a ‘go-getter’ and don’t just wait for others to respond to your profile but actively seek out profiles of like minded members and beginning posting immediately.(, 2005) In 2004 a survey was set up by the with results again indicating high success rates for internet dating.The study found that 12% of the 4743 couples registered had met on dating websites.Interestingly, the research showed that men were generally more likely to be committed to the relationship than the women, and tended to be more dependent upon the women.One explanation for this was the fact that perhaps men felt more comfortable with the anonymity which writing brings as it gave them a chance to express their emotions more easily than they would have been able to face to face.The theory obviously being that the more people you respond to, the more likely to are you find someone suitable.Obviously for the highest chances of success you should be contacting people who appeal to you, particularly in terms of their hobbies and interests as well as their location.Disclaimer: This essay has been submitted by a student.This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.


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