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That’s an indicator of how things have changed.”Approximately 280,000 of the roughly 2 million marriages in 2008 were between spouses of different races or ethnicities, according to the Pew report.

White-Hispanic couplings accounted for the greatest proportion of those intermarriages, at 41 percent.

Eve recently stopped by New York's Hot 97 radio station to discuss, among other things, her relationship with race car driver Maximillion Cooper, who is White.

"I gotta say, it is weird for me that I’m with a white dude," she told host Angie Martinez.

“American society is becoming more diverse, and workplaces, schools, and other arenas are fairly open so people can meet others of different races on one-to-one levels,” Mr. “Underneath that, there’s a broad acceptance of interracial marriages that 40 or 50 years ago just didn’t exist.”But, he adds, “It’s very much a generational phenomenon.” While 80 to 90 percent of people under age 30 say they find interracial marriages acceptable, that number falls to about 30 percent for those over 65, he says.

“People 65 and over grew up in the ’30, ’40s, and ’50s when such things weren’t acceptable or were illegal.

That’s more than double the intermarriage rate of the 1980s and six times the intermarriage rate of the 1960s.

Also, most Americans say they approve of interracial marriage, with more than 6 in 10 saying they’re OK if a family member marries outside his or her group.

Among all newlyweds in 2008, 9 percent of whites, 16 percent of blacks, 26 percent of Hispanics, and 31 percent of Asians married someone whose race or ethnicity was different from their own.

But while blacks nearly tripled their intermarriage rates from 1980, and whites more than doubled theirs, the rates have hardly changed for Hispanics and Asians over the past 30 years.


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