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They lived in Miami but almost always wore layered clothing more appropriate for a cold-weather climate.

I live in Florida and trust me, the last thing you would want to put on your feet would be suede boots!

Down the hall from the living room were the bedrooms.

But the back exit of the kitchen couldn't have been external access, could it?

I watch GG at 4 and PM (whenever possible) on Lifetime.

Let me know if you want me to check for any other inconsistencies.

And please, young beautiful women don't get half as many dates as these old gals. if there was supposed to be 3 bedrooms for rent initially, how were they able to take in Sophia?

They all had their own massive bedrooms, so it wasn't like any of them was sharing. One time, he died in the hospital, the second, I believe he had a heart attack and died after he and Rose had sex.

I think back then continuity in tv shows wasn't paid as much attention to as it is now, for whatever reasons.

Sophia had a Brooklyn accent, even though she immigrated from Sicily as an adult.


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