Honesty dating

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That certainly isn’t a world I want to be a part of.

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So what is it exactly about being true to yourself and being authentic that men find so attractive?

Men tend to say what they mean and mean what they say (usually) -- and a man can relate better to a woman who does the same.

But it’s a trick question because you need both loyalty and honesty to have a “relationship” of equals.

Otherwise you’re either cruel or a user and in both cases you aren’t in a “relationship”, you’re in a game where you torment the other person for your amusement.

As a woman I can tell you – 99% of the time we’d rather not have heard it.

The fact is, we probably know the truth already and hearing it from a man hurts an awful lot more than from a best friend or, indeed, ourselves.If that makes me "thirsty," then so be it — all the more reason to go out for drinks.the best policy, if you’re under oath, sure it might be advised to tell the truth in this particular situation. But to anyone who says “honesty is always the best policy”? Please, give it a rest, you’re not fooling anyone, and if you really are that honest then congratulations because you’ve no doubt scored yourself a great deal of enemies and hurt a hell of a lot of feelings along the way. If you are honest at least they know you are being disloyal and therefore they can make a decision about staying with you (which they shouldn’t) with eyes wide open. If you are dishonest, how to they KNOW you are being loyal when you lie all the time."You shouldn't have to depend on anyone else." The assumption, Dr.Bonior says, is that by searching for love, you're attempting to fill a hole in yourself, which of course isn't always the case.Yes, it will upset her that you went, but that’s normal and, quite frankly, she’d much rather hear that you and the boys all had a jolly good time at a country pub and leave it at that.Obviously, if you’re in a relationship of 3 years, and you start up an affair with your secretary, firstly – well done for fulfilling the world’s worst cliché, and secondly, this probably is the time to be honest with your actual girlfriend, not to mention yourself.And when I say “most people”, what I really mean is that most women can’t handle the truth.“Be honest with me…”, “just tell me the truth”…all things women say and you hear on a regular basis, but realistically, how often do we actually like what we hear?


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