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(Oh, and getting caught only turns them on more, FYI.) Also known as scatophilia, scat, or a poop fetish, coprophilia is sexual pleasure that's associated with feces.

Coprophiliacs, according to the University of California, Santa Barbara, "enjoy watching people defecate or defecating on someone themselves.

By normalizing kinks that aren’t intrusive to others, people with fetishes should be supported, not shamed.” Sex therapist Chuck Franks, LCSW, CST, agrees with Wasserman.

“A fetish is narrowly defined by one sexual attraction and need for an inanimate object to be part of the sexual act for the individual to get off.

"This is all about never wanting to grow up and wanting instead to continue being treated like a baby," writes Christina.

"It doesn't necessarily have to be sexual, but adults will strap on diapers and pretend to cry for Mama's milk." Infantilists seem to be a particularly active online community, with several Reddit feeds devoted solely to the subject, plus a site called, which is a support community for adult babies.

If the sub doesn’t cooperate, they might be ‘punished' by the dom with a spanking, withholding affection, or some other form of reward or punishment."Also known as "watersports" or "golden showers," urophilia is when people are turned on by—you guessed it—pee.

The pleasure can be a result of the physical sensations or an emotional association with urine, such as intimacy, closeness, and trust.

They may also like the smell, taste, or feeling of feces in a sexual manner.

Sexual pleasure can be derived from having the feces touch the skin or rubbing one's genitals through the feces." A subset of the fetish is literally eating poop, which is known as coprophagia, and a real health risk (you can contract HIV or hepatitis, among other things).


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