Hiv and dating and classifieds

Twenty-seven-year-old Melissa Duran* says it is something she has considered."I have been around the blocks a few times," Duran told Jamaica Observer.

"So I am open to dating, and I am not entirely closed off to dating someone who is HIV positive."However, Duran said her decision to date a man with Human Immunodeficiency Virus would depend on when she finds out about his status."If I am already attracted to him and I have developed strong feelings for him, then I would move forward with the relationship," said Duran.

‘Given the opportunity to analyse data from other sites and apps, I would be interested to compare how these different sites could influence the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases,’ says Chan.

Web personals influence more than just HIV infection rates.

Craigslist changed how people swapped, shopped, found a partner and, according to a new study from the University of Minnesota, how they contracted HIV.

The study indicates that the site may have contributed to a 15.9 per cent increase in HIV infections across 33 US states.‘It is really important that the safer sex message stays strong, and that people know how to protect themselves and their partners.Apps themselves have a role to play in delivering this message, and we currently work with a number of them on this,’ says Dr Shaun Griffin, director of external affairs at the Terrence Higgins Trust.‘At the same time, they did not anticipate that users could use the features in an unexpected way with unintended consequences.’ The study suggests that when Craigslist entered the market in 33 US states from 1998 to 2008, HIV cases jumped.At the national level, the increase associated with Craigslist translated to 6,000 additional HIV cases, costing the US healthcare system million–million to treat, according to the research.‘We also tested the for a link to syphilis in our study and the result came back positive,’ says Chan.Understanding how social networks, apps and dating sites influence infection rates could be useful for future health policy, he adds.‘By taking these differences, the method accounts for prevailing HIV trends before Craigslist was present and accounts for the natural growth of HIV over time via trends in control groups.This method will eliminate a large proportion of external factors that may influence infection rates,’ says Chan.Craigslist was chosen for the study because it was the first and largest online classified ad site.‘By virtue of that, Craigslist became the ‘go-to place’ known to casual sex seekers in our study period,’ says Chan.


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