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Pupils have to be able to recognise these terms when they come across them.” So should we BC or BCE?

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But this is just semantics because the transition point between B.

The purpose of this is to remove religious connotations in historical references.

It took 400 years for this dating system to reach widespread use after Europe's colonization of Asia and economic pressures from the United States.

The main point here is that this dating system makes Jesus Christ the dividing point of world history. Pope John I to determine the correct day of Easter or Christ's resurrection.

Earlier this year, the first print run of a four-volume Encyclopedia of Christian Civilization was pulped by its American academic publishers following an outcry that it was biased in favour of Christianity, evidenced by its use of BC and AD instead of BCE and CE.

As the Telegraph’s Christopher Booker noted: “The trouble with this politically-correct effort to spare offence to Muslims, Jews, atheists or other non-Christians from the use of a dating system tied to Jesus, is that it prompts any child to ask ‘So what is this Common Era based on?

’, and brings up the very point it seeks to avoid.” Controversy is raging in Australia over changing the national curriculum to reflect the new BCE orthodoxy.

The change was made in Britain nine years ago, sparking a similar controversy and claims by Christians that the authorities were “imposing political correctness in schools to ensure children are cut off from the past, for fear of upsetting someone”.

E or "Common Era." The new reference names were introduced by Jewish academics in the 19th century.

are replaced, Christ's birth remains to be the focal point of history.


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