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"Eventually I decided to ignore my excessive genitals. I used to wear make up for dance parties too," Haris said.

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The boy fell in love with her, but he knew nothing about the girl's peculiarity. We eventually got married, but when he saw, who I actually was, his family kicked me out of their house.

After that I decided that I had more male character traits in me.

He was born as a girl in 1926 - the baby was the eighth child in the family.

The little girl was born having both women's and men's genitals.

But, according to a leading relationship coach, a great many relationship disasters stem from the fact that modern women are turning their husbands hermaphrodite.

No longer sure of their role, these "egalitarian" men have been left straddling the gender divide and are becoming male-female hybrids, in some cases displaying far more feminine characteristics than their partners.Haris developed a fondness for the new resident and they started dating. But when people told me about his secret, I was really scared. When a week passed, I realized that I could not live without him. Haris Kamalov became a perfect husband: he neither drank, nor smoked; he was a hard-working person too. He had women's bosom, yes, but it did not bother me. Haris has never cheated on me - that's the most important thing!Haris and Hurgalam could not register their marriage, though, because Haris was officially registered as a woman. We cannot have children, it is true, but this is the will of Allah," Nurgalam said.Do you ever find yourself wishing he had a little more get-up-and-go, showed a bit more testosterone-fuelled drive, was – dare I say it – a touch more, you know, manly? If so, then chances are, you only have yourself to blame.A new survey by Oxford University has revealed that women are attracted to men they believe will help out with household chores and childcare.I cut my hair short, we gave away my women's clothes to our neighbors.Finally, I told everybody that my new name was Haris. I got the true men's profession too - I drove a tractor." Young widow Nurgalam Gilmetdinova moved to Haris's town soon after that.Needless to say that it was a totally outstanding event in the small town.The parents decided to register their child as a girl.But unfortunately we're taking that home with us every evening into the domestic sphere, and often bullying our men into submission." Harriet Harman's remarks earlier this week that men can't be trusted to run the Government on their own, appears to chime with a growing female consensus that we are somehow superior."Many of us are so focused, decisive and assertive, that the only role left for our husbands is one where they comply and let us take charge – traditionally feminine traits.


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