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Azerbaijan is a former Soviet republic in the Caucasus and variously considered part of Europe or Asia. It borders Russia and Georgia to the north, Armenia to the west, and Iran in the south.Through the autonomous exclave of Nakhchivan, which lies between Armenia and Iran, Azerbaijan also shares a short border with Turkey.

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History, with Russian and Persian influence, has left the Azeris of Azerbaijan and Iran with some moderate differences.Following independence in 1991, Azerbaijan has allowed western companies to develop its neglected, but extensive, oil fields, especially since the mid-2000s.Despite this and related investments, corruption is pervasive, and the government, which eliminated presidential term limits in a 2009 referendum, has been repeatedly accused of human rights abuses.Although the poverty rate has been reduced and infrastructure investment has increased substantially in recent years, reforms have not adequately addressed weaknesses in most government institutions, particularly in the education and health sectors, as well as the the local judicial system.The Nagorno-Karabakh enclave, which is part of Azerbaijan, has been the subject of a war with Armenia that has left it a de facto independent republic, which is not internationally recognized by any UN member including, ironically, Armenia which "supports" it.Snow is rare in Baku and along the coast in general while common inland and copious in the mountains, where many villages may be cut off during the winter.The southern forests are the wettest part of the country, with plenty of rain in late autumn and early spring. Lankaran receives the most annual precipitation (1600-1800mm/63-71 in) while the region around Baku averages 200 mm (8 in).Electricity is supplied at 220V 50Hz with sockets the European standard CEE-7/7 "Schukostecker" or "Schuko" or the compatible, but non-grounded, CEE-7/16 "Europlug" types.Generally speaking, US and Canadian travellers should pack an adapter and tranformer for these outlets if they plan to use North American electrical equipment in Azerbaijan.Summers range from warm to hot (20-40°C/68-104°F) throughout most of the country, although breezes off the Caspian make life pleasant along the coast.Nakhchivan is quite different, high and arid, summers here can easily surpass 40°C (104°F) while winter nights often drop below -20°C (-4°F)..fact the country's extreme minimum and maximum (-33°C/-27°F & 46°C/115°F) were both recorded in southern Nakhchivan!


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