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He had 27 daughters and Sati devi is one among them. When Dashka entered the arena of a yaga performed by Agni, every one except Lord Shiva stood up as a mark of respect. Later when Daksha conducted a yaga him self , he did not invite his daughter and his son in law.

The world was terrorized from this Tandava Nritya and to stop this Nritya, Vishnu used his Sudarshan chakra and completely cut the Sati's body in to pieces.

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In Guntur city, Christinity is followed by 3.25 %, Jainism by 0.35 %, Sikhism by 0.03 % and Buddhism by 0.03 %.

Around 0.01 % stated 'Other Religion', approximately 0.39 % stated 'No Particular Religion'.


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