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Probably not because you are so conscious of your own actions.

Make a list of those events/facts that prove this emotionally driven thought is inaccurate.

You will find yourself creating a new, “balanced” thought.

Problem solve for the different “what if” thoughts you may have.

If you are thinking, “What if I say something embarrassing?

Shyness is characterized as feeling worried, awkward or tense when socializing.

Many shy people ruminate over what they’re going to say in a conversation, hesitate when initiating a conversation or speak really fast, in hopes of pushing through the conversation.Most likely you will have experienced positive feelings (reward) after attending an event (risk). Ask a co-worker how their day is going, call an old friend, go out with a friend/family member with a goal of meeting one new person.Set realistic goals and start with a new behavior you could begin today.Building confidence by socializing can change your view of self and challenge distorted beliefs that otherwise would increase anxiety.If you believe “No one will like me,” what factual events in your life prove that thought to be wrong?Try new behaviors to test if your thoughts are distorted.A hint: Black and white thinking such as “it’s good or bad,” “never,” “always,” “what if” or any other extreme statements are likely to be distorted.Dating for the introverts can feel like navigating a Tough Mudder competition — initially agonizing with lots of electric fences and free falls along the way.The hope is there is a bountiful reward waiting for you at the end of the course.Once identified, change distorted thoughts to factual “new thoughts” and your mood will change.Anxiety helps us to plan for situations, so channel it in an effective way.


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