Gta san andreas dating walkthrough

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And I don't find evading cops at the two-star level tough to do, but some might.1.40 - 11/21/04 Added Las Venturas Section 1.30 - 11/19/04 Added Desert Section 1.20 - 11/18/04 Added San Fiero section. Updated Green Sabre - no real need to get camera at this point. Covers Beginning of game through Los Santos ******************************************************************************* Table of Contents I. Simply point the stick in the direction the arrow indicates as it crosses the circle at the bottom of the screen. Once the Nitrous runs out, you should be at the point where your making a lot of consecutive turns anyway. Get any mods you want, but make sure to get a Nitrous upgrade - you'll see why later. This is why you bought the Nitrous upgrade last mission. Once all the enemies are offed, get in a four-door car - one is parked right there for you if needed - and move inside the red marker. Then simply drive back to the hood, evading the Seville cars as needed. Take the rest out on foot - the AK-47 works well for this. Drive-Thru Starting Point: Sweet's House Difficulty: 2/10 Head to the Cluckin' Bell drive through. Willowfield - ,000 El Corona/Verdant Bluffs - ,000 - 2 car garage Jefferson - ,000 Marina/Verona Beach - ,000 Santa Maria Beach - ,000 - 1 car garage (possibly 1 ) Mulholland - 0,000 - 1 car garage 18. Also, the fact the race runs 24/7 makes it much less annoying that Vice City, having to wait for the proper day and time. I got caught up in the pileup mentioned above, and couldn't gain any ground after the pileup was untangled. Hanging to the inside is a good idea in general, but critical going under the bridge. The only real difficulty here is the cars health - if you drive too slowly, you will lose the car. When they're gone, you'll be 'rewarded' with a two-star rating, and have to get to a pay-n-spray. Head there, get your free re-spray, and head back to the hood.


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