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Amanda is Mine, She Belongs to Me - Part 1 by: Lancer - I'd been a criminal, but not involving people.Simply things to make a living like armed robbery, muggings and some physical assaults in the process.

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She usually wore her hair loose over her shoulders.

I had been watching this one beautiful woman that worked in an office upstairs.

She was a lawyer for a large firm, and always wore a no nonsense business suit. Abduction, The by: Likesemyoung - The sound of the little girl screaming in pain was blood curdling but it didn't deter me in the slightest as I continued to ram my 8 inch cock all the way up into her virgin asshole. by: Kerrigan Ames - It was the start of another boring summer out of school when my life changed in an unexpected but..entirely bad way.

All My Regrets by: SSC - Our house sat on a quiet street in a small town about 20 miles north of Birmingham, at that time our nearest neighbor was about a ten-minute walk away. Within minutes I was spewing my load over her chest, a pearl necklace for a young teen.

Of course now the area is filled with subdivisions and yuppies, but at that time it was a peace.... Her eyes were as glazed as her entire body: she....


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