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She gives some examples: “planning a bicycle trip, writing a book and redecorating my living room.” Now, combine the qualities with the activities. “I’m a good friend and a good listener and right now I have a friend going out of town and I’m dog-sitting for her poodle,” she cites as an example.

According to Whitney Casey, relationship expert with and author of “The Man Plan: Drive Men Wild…

Oren’s advice is to ditch the touchy-feely talk about emotions and instead, be very specific about who you are while using action-oriented phrases.

She suggests an easy exercise to get your profile rolling. “I wrote, ‘good sense of humor, sarcastic New York sensibility but not cynical, optimistic, a good friend and affectionate,'” she says.

You want it to be clear that you are only interested in your parent’s happiness.

It could turn out after all that Goldie (or Bill) is a gem.

Not Away,” the way the profile is formatted can be key as well.

Whitney recommends that women use bullet points to keep men’s focus.

Technology has come so far, yet daters in the digital age must make a good first impression with the old-fashioned written word — at least in online dating. For instance, a strong disinclination toward dating people of certain shapes, sizes or colors should be kept under wraps, even though no one would argue that physical attraction is one of the central themes in dating.

The art of crafting a great online dating profile is not just about sharing your awesomeness with the world; after all, that’s what the rest of the Internet is for. Custom dictates that screening for attributes such as looks, weight and height be done obliquely.


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