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If she could get through today without slipping then she’d prove that she finally had this thing beat. ” Fanny said, letting a wicked smile appear on her lips as her used her fingers to spread her labia open, pushing her hips up so her imaginary Numbuh 4 could get a better look. I think ya’d better ask nice.”“Well, if ya don’t wanna, Ah guess we should head back to Moonbase,” Fanny giggled, realizing she should probably close her legs to keep up with the scene playing out in her head, but unable to stop herself from keeping her fingers tracing all along her smooth, moist cleft.“Go ahead Numbuh 4! She began pushing her hips in and out to meet each stroke of his imaginary tongue, timing the movement of her finger to go along with it.“Oh tha’ feels so good,” she panted, driving her finger harder and faster.

Her heart had stopped pounding quite so hard, and her hands and knees had finally stopped shaking. I…I couldn’t stand th’ thought of somethin’ happenin’ to…” Wally began to turn back towards Fanny, but suddenly remembering the redhead was naked, snapped his head back. “So good…good boy…oh Ah love you Wally…” But even as she said the words she realized how completely hollow they felt.

Author's Note: My responses to your (always very, very much appreciated) reviews can be found here: (You won't need to register to view the thread.) Thanks as always to Fairy Slayer, for his awesome proofreading & editing skills! Boss, adult villain extraordinaire and arch-enemy of KND Sector V, was making breakfast for his own beloved children.

His sons, Patty and Shaunie, were already at the table.

”There was a weak groan from just outside the kitchen.

“Oooh, Daddy…’m not feelin’ so well…”“I bet you’ll feel a lot better after you have some of Dad’s scrambled eggs! ” Fanny turned the corner into the kitchen and, seeing everyone’s back turned to her, she quickly threw down the special balloon she was concealing behind her back, covering up the snap as it hit the ground and burst with a theatrical retching noise.She went back to the couch, laying in the warm sunlight once again and letting it carry her off into another fantasy, one that was usually foolproof. Numbuh 4 turned around, the usually brash operative bashful and subdued, his cheeks still pink as he barely peeked at Fanny’s display. The air on her sun-kissed cheeks felt suddenly cool, and it took her a moment to understand that it was from the tears that had been leaking down them.The teenagers were down, every last one of them knocked to the ground by the operative who had come busting in like an orange typhoon coming to Numbuh 86’s rescue. ” Fanny gasped, trying to shield her naked body by curling her legs up and holding her hands in strategic places. Her hands slowed, then stopped, despite that need for release that her body still screamed for.“Well, at least I don’t gotta take you to the doctor.”“Yeah…” Fanny murmured weakly, making sure the tiny KND Fever-Faking-Face-Heater was still safely tucked into her cheek.“I called school and told ‘em you were sick,” her father was saying, “but jeez Fanny…you sure picked the worst time for this. “Mom visitin’ Auntie Blair…check.” She heard the clamor as her little brothers left for the school bus.“Patty and Shaunie goin’ t’school…check.” A short time later, her dad cracked the door open again.“Fanny, I’m goin’ to work now.””Okay Daddy,” Fanny said sleepily, “Good luck with yer meetin’! You rest up.””I will…”Fanny waited for several minutes after she heard her dad’s car drive off, just in case he forgot something and had to come back. ”For a girl with two brothers, attentive parents and a high-ranking position at global KND headquarters, real, quality private time was very hard to come by.”“That’s gonna be up to Father…and don’t worry, he’ll be here real soon.But in the meantime,” he glanced back over his shoulder and his teenage cronies, all wearing their football uniforms, started chuckling, “I don’t think Father would mind if we had a little fun, huh guys? ” Chad laughed, firmly gripping Numbuh 86’s arms behind her, forcing her to arch her back and put her naked body on display for the grinning horde of teenage boys.After all, you’re the prettiest, smartest, most talented and popular operative in the whole KND…how can we resist? The group cheered and whistled as they watched, forcing a humiliated blush to Fanny’s cheeks that spread all the way down to her chest.“How about it babe?” Chad asked tauntingly, reaching around with one hand to squeeze the tiny, soft mounds on her chest with a surprisingly gentle touch. I gotta admit, I always wanted to get a piece of you.”Fanny ran her fingers all around her tiny tits, bringing her bright pink nipple to full attention as goosebumps popped up all over her body.“Awright then,” Numbuh 4 said, dropping the unconscious Chad to the ground contemptuously. Clueless as ever, Wally suddenly turned bright red and turned away, noticing Numbuh 86’s unclothed state for the first time. And with a moment of clarity, she realized that the blonde hair in her fantasy was a bit longer than Wally’s, and the orange sweatshirt had at some point turned into a bright blue pajama top.“Oh God,” she groaned as a fresh wave of guilt swept over her.


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