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But then I had a great idea, and told her: "Auntie, I could go to my mom's room and get one of hers for you." In fact I knew my mom was a B cup and my aunt is a C cup and I knew my mom always complained that one of her bikini was too tight for her so I thought that I would give this one to my aunt and there was a good chance it should still be in her cupboard as my mom wouldn't have taken that one to go to Hawaii.She was wearing a lacy white bra and I was very disappointed with not being able to benefit of this view as I was driving. My parents were their to welcome my aunt and I went straight into my room to jack off while thinking about my aunt. " at that point I had put back on my jeans but I didn't have time to pass on my T-shirt. Yeah of course auntie." She came in and looked at me, she seemed a bit surprised to see me only wearing my jeans.I took off my T-shirt and pulled down my jeans and boxers, I already had a big hard on. I sat in an armchair immediately to hide my still raging hard on, after all I didn't have time to cum.I have always been quite close to my auntie, I suppose the fact that she was the youngest helped having a better relationship.Indeed my grand mother on my fathers side has had 3 kids, my uncle was the first one, then my dad and finally my aunt.It took you quite some time to reply." What kind of excuse could I find to justify this? "Well, I was doing push-ups while listening to some music with my headphones so I couldn't hear you knocking,"I said with a smile on my face. I see and this must also be why you have taken of your T-Shirt, I understand", she replied walking towards the armchair opposite mine.She sat down and her skirt rode up her thighs which allowed me to catch a glimpse at her white knickers and look at her perfect tanned legs.My aunt is quite pretty, she is 5ft7 tall with nice long black hair and green eyes.When she was 35 she decided to leave the convent and to go on with her career as a nun with a catholic church (helping the priest do his job) in the same town as my parents."I came to see you because I am worried you could be upset at me for being here, I know a man your age would have loved to spend a month without your old aunt to baby-sit you." "It's ok auntie, I am glad to be able to spend some time with you, and moreover you are not old you are only 36 and look even younger," I dared.


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