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Those off-the-shelf distros have to work on a number of machines, but with Gentoo, you can compile everything with . You haven’t lived if you’ve never seen Linux software compile. It’s 2017 and you still have to do it; nothing changed.

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Login and passwords When you start up your computer from the dvd you will end up at Slim’s login screen. After a hard drive installation the boot process may stop at this Just press q and the boot process will succeed. Supported Fedora releases get Plasma updates as soon as possible.Keep your Fedora installation updated and you are good to go. you leave for a vacation, or your cron crashes) then come back in two weeks and try to update it… That’s when you’re introduced to dependency twister. Some library is too old, but in order to compile a new version, you need to downgrade another library. Imagine dependency Foo needs a new version of library Bar to compile, and the new version of library Bar requies a new version of Foo–this actually sometimes happens.I’ve made a new version of ex GENT with only a few necessary packages pre-installed. I had to start over and build version 180414 from “scratch”. The boot loader Grub Legacy has been replaced by Grub2.SPOTIFY You can easy and quick install Spotify in ex GENT. Install ex GENT to hard drive Please read this INSTRUCTION.Install ex GENT to a USB stick Please read this INSTRUCTION. You’ll find the NM-applet to the right in the panel. We currently provide Plasma 5 packages (usually the latest stable release) in the kde repository.They can easily be installed with the help of the plasma set: respectively.They are needed for installation of certain software. If you do that and later decide to install ex GENT to hard drive all your changes will follow! It’s not needed anymore, since Netflix nowadays runs very well in Firefox. Used KERNEL My special kernel 4.15.14-aufs-gentoo-exgent corresponding’s kernel 4.15.14.Despite this ex GENT version 180414 runs surprisingly fast from DVD or USB. Furthermore you can install/transfer ex GENT to a USB stick with the dd command in Linux or use Etcher and Rufus in Windows. Quick install to Hard Drive ex GENT Linux can be installed to hard drive in 2 – 8 min. This means that all of you who might hesitate to perform a normal Gentoo installation – which can take up to a couple of days – now have the chance to get this great Linux system (Gentoo) installed on your computers very easy. UPGRADE the System The ex GENT System (version 180414) is in very good shape, since I, without problems, have been able to update the whole system with the following commands: NOTE 2: After a hard drive installation of ex GENT you should run the above commands at least every month (to keep the system in good shape).


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