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Final Words Speed dating, even the kind tailored toward your preferred sexual role, is a great alternative to the more obvious option: online dating.The human race must have really pissed off a love god from some pantheon to be punished with the literal hell that is OKStupid."The online 'bottoms' sign-up sheet was all filled up! If I wanted to sail with the boys on this gay Noah's ark, I had to maybe fib to myself a little." And look where that got me. If you learn anything from me at all, it's that you should always dress how you want to feel, not how you actually feel.

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My voice was so hoarse that it was one broken leg away from a glue factory, and my personality had a heavy case of whiskey d**k.

By the time I got to the handsomest man in the room, I could tell we were both exhausted.

I was tired from putting on the performance of my life, and he was tired from all the normals he'd had to speak to.

I had no desire to impress or pretend to be interested in anything that wasn't sleep -- or pizza, or a burrito, or both at the same time -- which is a shame, because this gentleman was like a surprisingly nice dessert section in a really bad buffet.

Stretching my social muscles was a good exercise, and it's fun trying to make strangers laugh.

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Some of the men were veterans of speed dating, and from the sound of it, they had not lost hope.I happened to be one of the first guys to register with the organizer, and I took the opportunity to grab a beer and watch the men herd into line to register like cattle to the slaughter. " the organizer asked one man, who responded with a nervous chuckle. To be blunt, most of the men on either side (including me) were average-looking -- sometimes aggressively so.There was a drizzle of uneasy laughter from the men in line. These men weren't the living mannequins you see gliding on the roller skates of their good looks through Chelsea.I tried my best to be my most "top" self (like trying to polish a turd, as they say).I tried to make my chest seem bigger, deepened my voice and swigged my sh***y beer like I was in a square state.Alas, despite my greatest efforts, I was not a very convincing top.I might have had better luck convincing them I was a a very lost and confused lesbian. I was bottoming out after talking to guy after guy for .Die SUB Hamburg übernimmt keine Haftung oder Gewähr, dass der Gebrauch der auf dieser Site verbreiteten Materialien nicht die Rechte unabhängiger Dritter verletzt.Das Herunterladen und die Verwendung von Inhalten dieser Website sind nur erlaubt, wenn der Gebrauch ausschließlich zum nicht kommerziellen, informativen oder persönlichen Gebrauch erfolgt, der Copyright-Vermerk erscheint und die Dokumente unverändert bleiben sowie sämtliche urheberrechtlichen, markenrechtlichen und andere besitzrechtlichen Hinweise in Zusammenhang mit diesen Materialien berücksichtigen werden." Convinced I had misheard him, I asked him to repeat that. I know how that scenario usually ends: a rain coat, an axe and "Hip to Be Square" by Huey Lewis and the News blasting from a stereo.By the end of the night, I had met about 16 different men, and I can tell you that the look of disappointment that flashed on their faces upon seeing me never got old.


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