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The original idea was borrowed from this Microsoft blog post, but since not all of the steps were covered there in sufficient detail, I am expanding them here, and adding two specific examples: how to segment GAL based on distribution lists membership, and how to segment GAL based on Office attribute.

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These new features are included along with the ability to backup Virtual Machines using the built-in Hyper-V…

If you are familiar with my other Power Shell scripts this isn’t as complete or polished as them, but it get’s the job done, and that’s all we can really ask for right? The purpose of this script is to automate the process of setting the location and Office 365… You can read more about it here over on the MS Deployment Blog.

Luckily we can still install it using Power Shell and the command line.

In this post I’ll go through the initial steps on how to deploy and configure a WDS server…

Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) can use a lot of resources, so why not use Windows Server Core and make the most of the resources you have.

In this post I’ll go through the initial steps on how to deploy and configure a WSUS server using command line and Power Shell. Windows Server Core is an ideal choice for Active Directory Domain Controllers due to it’s low resource usage and greatly reduced attack surface.Update 30/10/2017: If Sys Prep is consistently failing when building your Windows 10 1709 image, it is most likely due to the Windows Store update process updating the built in UWP apps. This next post is going to talk in detail about GAL segmentation setup in Office 365.This continues the pace set last year and the semi-annual release cycle that Microsoft have put into place. Get it from the Power Shell Gallery or Tech Net Gallery Today I’ve released an update to my Hyper-V Backup Utility Power Shell script.Version 4.1 adds zip file creation and the ability to keep a history of Virtual Machine backups.Set-Execution Policy Remote Signed $session = New-PSSession -Configuration Name Microsoft.Exchange -Connection Uri -Credential (Get-Credential) -Authentication basic -Allow Redirection Import-PSSession $session Re-run Get-Transport Config commandlet to confirm that address book policy routing now shows as enabled.Since this script is only an edit of the previous one I don’t intend to release it “officially” on the…My game 3D Maze Remix is now available in the Microsoft store for Windows 10 devices.In a previous post I wrote about my Image Factory Power Shell script for MDT.This post is about a script derived from that which I setup to test my images and my deployment task sequences.


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