Gabriel aubry dating anyone

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The custody battle between Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry is showing no signs of cooling down.

Halle’s camp continues to run with their brilliant plan of making Gabriel look like a racist despite, oh I dunno, romantically dating a black woman for years and having a baby with her, but apparently he’s saved voice messages left by Halle after she found out he was dating Kim Kardashian, according to Radar Online: “She left a crazy message on Gabe’s cell just after some pictures came out of him at a Lakers game with a girl last year.

“She is mega, mega p***ed in the message, calling him, and the girl, all kinds of names – it’s certainly something Halle wouldn’t want heard.

Gabriel played it to me at the time, and said: ‘see what I have to deal with?!

After the pair were spotted earlier this month looking very, very comfortable together at the Santa Monica pier in California, the rumour mill naturally went into overdrive. Then, when the 41-year-old probably remembered that she had seen him – because we’ve all seen the proof – she explained: ‘I met him for like three seconds, like, passing I was just like, “Hi!

However, The Fate Of The Furious actress seemed to be rather confused when Andy Cohen asked if anything is going on between her and Gabriel she said ‘No! ” because our kids go to the same school.’ Charlize herself, who has dated a number of celebs – including Stuart Townsend and Sean Penn – also told the presenter that she would rather not date anyone famous because it’s hard out in these streets.

“They ask to see each other and sometimes Halle’s working so it’s up to Gabriel and Olivier to orchestrate it.” Of course getting the kids together has not cemented a buddy relationship for Olivier and Gabriel, but it’s surprised everyone around them to see how they’ve managed to become amicable.

“They’ve done a double play date at Halle’s house and seeing the kids happy is what’s important to them.

As a result of her actions, she was placed on probation, given community service, and fined ,500.

Undeterred by the challenges faced in her personal life, Berry continued to star in blockbuster hits, including (2000), the big-budget screen adaptation of the long-running Marvel Comic.


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