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“This is basically Facebook spam — send it, forget it, and wait for some sucker to friend you back because ‘So pretty!!!

Occasionally some scam will get enough reach that it actually becomes news.

Mostly, though, this stuff just persists in the background.” He says these profiles will eventually be flagged as “inappropriate” or “scam” profiles, which is done by clicking by the ellipses on the person’s cover photo, selecting “report” and following the on-screen instructions. “But by that time, the scammers have created 1,000 more identical profiles.

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Since friending them will give them access to your friend network, they can then target your friends, and so on.

“Unless you’re scrupulous about setting up friend groups and sticking untrusted people in low-privilege ‘acquaintance ghettos’ where they have limited access to your profile,” says Roberts. Hardly anyone, which is why the scams exist in the first place. It could be a clickbait post that you can’t investigate.The scam seems nebulous and minor-league — so much so that it’s tough to understand the endgame.That said, they probably warrant caution, so I reach out to Paul Roberts, who covers hacking and cyber threats as editor-in-chief of the cyber-security website , to better understand what these alluring — yet clearly malevolent — Facebook friend requests are all about. Most people aren’t that beautiful, Roberts says, stating the obvious.Also, Roberts explains, we tend to blindly trust our Facebook friends, which is an open door for them to slip you a malicious link that will take you off Facebook to some drive-by download site that can put bad stuff on your computer or phone: “This could be as simple as an innocuous Facebook message like ‘OMG! You’ll only see it because they’re your ‘friend,’ and you’ll have forgotten that you don’t actually know this person, or how you (never) met.So Facebook becomes a platform for reaching people and scamming them. ‘Fish where the fish are,’ as the saying goes.”The scam is intelligent enough to send me hot guys because I’m gay while sending my straight colleagues hot women.The newly re-engineered Friend cam from Wild Country has taken reign as the king of the double-axle design.Built on the company’s original 13.75° constant camming angle, the new Friends have seen notable upgrades, including weight savings.The scam is basically to become friends with you to gain access to your friend network.The defense, of course, is to convince the brain to overrule the penis in John’s sample dialogue above.“More sophisticated scams might have actually engaged with you and tried to cultivate your interest and get .In security circles, we talk about ‘social engineering,’ which is basically online grifting.So a note with the friend request like: ‘Hey [YOUR NAME]! Just thought I’d connect with you on Facebook, too! ’ That may not fool you, but it fools a lot of people and is low-hanging fruit for any scam.’”Friend requests with no context but with ample cleavage or shredded abs suggest little premeditation, Roberts explains,and aren’t likely to work on anyone but the loneliest and most clueless targets.


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