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Well at first I didn't want to watch this drama cause it has lot of episodes, and guess what the first episode opened my heart seeing that great wedding and a tear falling from empress's eyes made me want to explore more and find the destiny of this drama Everything about the production of this film is truly beautiful and worth watching, from the script to the actors themselves, they truly gave an award-winning performance.My problem however was with the emperor( don't get me wrong I love JCW sooooo much!WY is willing to die not just for SN but for other people as well and for his country.

The position for being the Emperor's favorite and being the crown prince is the most sensitive one.

A lot of people will try to take them down and do everything to bring them down for the throne.

Unlike if he will stay alive, then the whole thing will be questioned if a tiny rumor came out.

Although I do wish that Wangyu fell for Bisu and became happy at least...because I also believe that he deserves happiness, He was such a good person. Sungnyang grew up bearing hatred and thinking of nothing but revenge.

If a "rumor" spread about Sungnyang not being a virgin when she decided to enter as a concubine and worst, have a child with a king from another country will definitely put her and Ayu in dangerous position - no matter how little that rumor is.

You may say that Wang Yu wouldn't spread that rumor, yes he won't but remember..companions wanted to keep that a secret from him but he still found out.SN went against Bayan thinking " Everything I'm doing is for you" TH killed WY thinking "Everything I'm doing is for you" WY is definitely the best man in this series, he is honorable, a hero, smart, kind,brave, skillful almost perfect.TH is the complete opposite but hey he did everything he can to protect SN while inside the palace and as what the characters said, the war in palace is far more scarier than the war in battlefield.Jealous enough that she started thinking that she need power to become an empress and even asked WY for help.This is SN we are talking about, if she still love WY that time...But,) I understand why he was the way he was especially with Sung Nyang (I) he was a man-child (II) he had been traumatized by El Temur and Sung Nyang gave him the courage to face his demons but I can't help feel that his approach to love was very selfish and self-centered.He knew she loved Wang Yu but he didn't care he put his needs above hers with regards to heart matters and that is NOT the definition of love for me so I was quite disappointed other than that I loved how Ha Ji Won was able to play a woman with a very beautiful mind and warrior skills, it was quite impressive At first I got annoyed with Sungnyang because I thought she is too indecisive about her feelings for Wang Yoo and Ta Hwan, but after re-watching this series, I realized that wasn't the case and that she actually really loved Ta Hwan all this time.Those who don't understand why Emperor had to kill Wang Yoo, should remember that they live in time where "words holds power" especially for emperor's women - a little word can put them in dangerous position and kill them.Remember how Lady Pak got in trouble that started with "rumors"?She grew up pretending and doing as what she is told.If you will notice, whenever she is with Wang Yoo she is always on guard unlike whenever she is with Ta hwan where she can act like a child, she smile and play around with him and treat him however she like (another proof of when she choose to ride with him because she didn't want to bother the king but was fine doing it to the emperor which means she's comfortable around him) And again, she grew up having to follow what she is told, acting like a servant of the king despite his confession to her.


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