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Some people may see you as combative, but they’ll be happy to have you as an ally or even an advocate.

When you go to bat for people you generally hit a home run, which can make you an amazing agent or representative.

But before you pick a fight, take a cool-down break to figure out whether or not it’s REALLY worth it.

It’s probably better to channel that anger into a passion project or an activist cause worth fighting for—after you’ve hit the gym hard!

Aries is symbolized by the charging Ram, which means you can indeed be persistent.

When you feel a spark, you’d rather risk rejection and tell people directly and honestly—yes, even if you’ve been burned in the past.Astrologers say that Mars is “domicile” in the sign of Aries because this zodiac sign is its home base.In romance, others are attracted by your intensity, confidence and straightforward communication style—and you won’t back down from a debate.Just be careful you don’t come on TOO strong and cross other people’s boundaries.Aries rules the head and your noggin may be an erogenous zone.With Mars in earthy Taurus, you are industrious, practical and tenacious.You’ll work tirelessly to obtain financial security—mostly because you like to be comfortable, but also because you love the finer things in life.Just watch what happens when someone gives you a scalp massage, touches your face seductively, or better yet, gives your hair a sexy tug. On a bad day, you may struggle to keep fiery emotions in check.Your temper can easily flare and sometimes blaze into a full-on rage.We are currently sprucing up our website to be faster, easier to use, and just plain better all around.You may notice a few things changing, but don't worry we are here to help.


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