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Wednesday 1 November 2017 Episode 243 (0763) A forbidden kiss catches both participants off guard. Friday 3 November 2017 Episode 245 (0765) Wandile is willing to risk her life for her transition. Thursday 2 November 2017 Episode 244 (0764) Zitha feels guilty about selling out her man. Gadaffi is disappointed to hear Sphe only sees him as a friend.

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Smanga blurts out the truth about Rori’s paternity. Wednesday 8 November 2017 Episode 248 (0768) Nolwazi is getting fed-up with her best friend’s attitude. Nandi panics when she hears someone picking the lock … Friday 10 November 2017 Episode 250 (0770) Mazwi is shocked to hear what his PI suspects. Will Fana do the unthinkable to protect his family? Tuesday 14 November 2017 Episode 252 (0772) Getty tries to convince herself the strange dreams mean nothing. Gog’Flo is horrified when she realises what she’s done.

Thursday 9 November 2017 Episode 249 (0769) Gog’Flo gets even deeper into sports betting. Monday 13 November 2017 Episode 251 (0771) Tau is more determined than ever to take on the Morokas. Wednesday 15 November 2017 Episode 253 (0773) Fana says his goodbyes, knowing he might never see his sister again. Mavis is horrified to hear what happened to the church money. Friday 17 November 2017 Episode 255 (0775) Getty is distressed when the doctor can’t find what is wrong with her.

Tuesday 26 December 2017 Episode 22 (0802) Zondiwe will not be pushed out and forgotten, over her dead body!

Tensions run high between the brothers during their meeting with the elders.

Nolwazi has had enough of the way she’s being treated.

Thursday 7 December 2017 Episode 9 (0789) Dumisani punishes Brian for embarrassing him. The custody meeting with the lawyers doesn’t go well.Namhla is determined to find out why her ex did what he did. Monday 6 November 2017 Episode 246 (0766) Mazwi ruins the mood for everyone.The information in the stolen file gives AK an idea.Monday 4 December 2017 Episode 6 (0786) Gog’Flo won’t let anyone tell her whom she can or cannot see.Nandi gives an ultimatum: either things change or she’s out. Tuesday 5 December 2017 Episode 7 (0787) Sphe tries to discuss the custody issue but is met with a brick wall.The two runaways have no other option but to sleep on the streets.Tuesday 7 November 2017 Episode 247 (0767) Zitha wakes up to a startling discovery.Nolwazi is determined to get to the bottom of what really happened.Wednesday 27 December 2017 Episode 23 (0803) Mrekza’s caginess arouses even more suspicion.Something is seriously wrong with Molefe yet no one seems to notice.Instead of assuaging his guilt visiting Ntombi makes Fana feel worse.


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