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Teachers, wielding the cane, parents chastising children with slippers, dentists pulling teeth with pliers and vandalising property were only a few of the activities that you certainly wouldn't find in any present day children's publication.Living in such a society I sometimes wonder how we survived!In their early years both the Dandy and the Beano were innovative in that they replaced having text along the bottom of each picture with speech bubbles that were an integral part of the illustrations.

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I enjoyed my visit to Kiddy Viddy and here's two more reasons to visit it has a brewery, and, amazingly, is situated no more than a mile and a half from downtown St. Heading South The following day, I set off south from St.I have a clear memory of many of the characters featured in these comics. One of my favourites was Desperate Dan whose diet of cow pies must have played havoc with his arteries!His phenomenal strength could either get him into trouble or help the citizens of Catcusville out of many a tight spot.He smoked a pipe and was not averse to lighting it by bending the post of a gas street light to use in place of a match.Dan is now immortalised, sans pipe of course, by his statue in Dundee.During the war I can remember one storyline where Hitler had invented a ray that caused snow to fall over the UK.This led to the gang having a wonderful time sledging, snowman building and snowball fighting. At the risk of being accused of racism I recall another wartime character Musso da Wop (He is a big ada flop).How many of us can pass a Dandy or Beano left lying about somewhere without picking it up and flicking through it to see if it retained any of the characters that we remember from our childhood.If it is a Dandy, hang on to it, it may become valuable!Many adults, possibly Moaning Minnies, frowned upon our weekly comic, saying that they were a bad influence, that they stopped children from reading 'good' books and encouraged bad behaviour.There may well be some truth in this but I don't believe that two million kids can be wrong and we didn't turn out too badly did we?


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