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Certain words or phrases are said to have been "banned", as if, say, Chipping Sodbury Borough Council has any effective power over the English language or, indeed, .

Often, the body in question is not only being overly cautious, they're actually oppressing the group that is the target of their actions, and are shocked should their targets explain that a patronizing, paternalistic attitude can be just as offensive as the perceived slight.

A Fractured Fairy Tale is a "reimagined" Fairy Tale often retold from a Politically Correct viewpoint, Played for Laughs.

If you're curious what actually means, it's an originally Communist colloquialism related to the "party line", another phrase of the same pedigree; that which accords with the party line, and thus with the Communist Party's position on a given issue, is accurately described as "politically correct", while that which does not is not. And maybe someday our children or our children's children will hate each other like that, but it just doesn't work that way today. Iggy: So this medical caregiver of indeterminate gender, because nurses can be male or female, says to his or her disabled, or should I say differently-abled patient, "Why do you have a penguin on your head?

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You will find sex chat, camgirls, gay cams, shemale cams, and live all in one easy to use adult chat application which will keep you coming back again and again.He was scouting for talent to fill his crew in the Volvo Ocean Race."To be honest I thought I was going to die," said Hansen, 29.On the other hand, since this is often a satire we're dealing with, it's just as likely that the mere hint of the word "offense" will indeed result in the offending work being Banned In Chipping Sodbury.Politically Correct History is a specific variant where Common Knowledge historical accounts are treated as Fanon to avoid Unfortunate Implications such as Values Dissonance or having to explain Aluminum Christmas Trees.In some such cases, "Pushing back against our PC culture" can become a form of Jerk Justification; there are quite valid reasons many things evoke the reaction "Dude, Not Funny!" Parodies typically involve stylized Newspeak used in random areas the original does not cover as well as blatant Windmills.NEWPORT – The first night Jena Hansen retired below deck on the Vestas 11th Hour Racing boat, she thought she had made the mistake of her life.Just a year removed from winning an Olympic sailing bronze medal for Denmark in Rio, Hansen was convinced to try ocean sailing for the first time by Vestas skipper Charlie Enright.All of this is especially ironic, considering that Political Correctness took on its contemporary meaning when the radical left began using it as a self-aware joke about the intrusion of Academic (the capital "A" required) feminist and socialist argot into their everyday lives (not all leftists being necessarily socialists, much less feminists).Expect most of those invoking Mars-and-Venus Gender Contrast to imply, if not state outright, that they're taking a brave stand against this trope in the name of Truth in Television.


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