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Now that I had direction, I went back to doing research.

What I found was most of what is out there on line will not work in the real world.

In reading about it, I discovered that my husband was a sexual submissive for sure.

Those sites took me to cuckolding sites (I had no idea what a cuckold was, but I learned fast that it was very common) and I liked the idea that I could explore other men while my husband just focused on me. Now tell him dirty stories or ask him point blank questions and then watch his penis.

Men are incredibly easy to train if you understand what drives them.

I am for sure no expert, I am a real wife who just wanted to improve her marriage, not a professional Dominatrix.Think about that, 66% of wifes could take control of their marriage and yet only 23% do!Erotic power, the combination of sex and authority, directly taps into this natural submissive sexual response. The teasing and the not knowing what is next plays into how their brains are wired. Sexual attraction is 90% mental, only 10% physical.My spark was coming back and I was wet again between the legs.A female led relationship is one where, the woman helps a man understand his desire, to help him be more intimate, passionate, trustworthy, faithful, and above all, loving.It reads like it was written by men who fantasies about a women wanting to control every aspect of their lives.Im not looking to turn my husband into a crossdressing sissy, Im looking to reconnect with my husband and take control of our sex life, improve or marriage.So I had to approach each site with the attitude that Im only looking for a few ideas that work in my life that will work in the real world, our world.We have jobs, grown kids, pets, bills to pay we have everyday life to live.The best advice that I found was to test the waters with your husband to see what really turned him on. If he gets hard, or gets harder, than regardless of what comes out of his mouth he is into it. You think you know what your mate of 19 years likes and wants in the bedroom, and then you find out that you have no clue on what makes him happy. He responded to stories of me playing with younger men, oral sex with me after he has come in me, masturbating for me, dressing up for me, just about anything that I want I can have, he was right out of the FLR handbook.He loved me and wants me to have a slutty exciting sex life.


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