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If you want to locate the FAQ page I would like to reassure you that it's not just easy to find, it's strangely listed twice.The Viewer FAQs and the FAQ pages are the same ones, which is alright since they do include all the info you need, and why do they need to have different names I know not.

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Another obvious downside is that you usually end up spending more, because you won’t be stopped by lack of credits.Also keep in mind that this number counts in the non-adult categories and as such is far from offering an accurate view of the number of options.That being said, you will rarely find less than 2300 online performers in the adult webcam category, never mind when you log on.Price range on All Cams is pretty significant, but that’s what you get when you deal with non-professional webcam performers.It is therefore important to check the specific cost of each model and not to just click automatically and end up paying a huge sum at the end.While some chats run for a high-price, the average cost of a private 1on1 live chat is 2.89 credits per minute which is good value for money and isn't so expensive.There is a staggering number of over 44,500 webcam hosts listed to this gigantic amateur website but only a fraction will be online when you sign up.The endless video chat rooms and the always updated shows keep All Cams interesting and lively 24/7. The messy arrangement and the lack of set rules make All Cams difficult on the organized webcam user.Nothing is certain and when hosts set their own, individual rules, you never really know what you’re going to get and how much you’ll have to pay for it.Payment Methods: It’s a bit surprising, but a site of All Cams size still manages to stay behind with extremely limited payment options.You must have a credit card to sign up and it must be one of two types: There are really only 2 types of memberships on All Cams, the basic free one and the paid one.


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