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When a child with autism slips into his self , his passive learning is not taking place hence he is not learning. Keep him engaged in a loop with you and the regular world around him Parents are the best Therapist for Autistic kids There is no harm in engaging a therapist or taking your child to the Autism therapy centre as long as you are spending a lot of time with the child.

Regular schools should be completely avoided ; in fact they can work against your child’s improvement .

The big reason for not putting your child into school is that it causes pure regression as the child gets good enough time to be into his own world, hence his learning is not happening and also his mind is getting trained be in his own self.

One diagnostic sign that I have always found very useful in diagnosing Autism Early is how the child reacts to his name being called out. If out of ten, the child is responding less than 7 -8 times when a stranger calls out his name, there is a strong chance that the child could be falling in the Autism Spectrum. If you can leave the medical diagnosis aside, Take a brief pause and understand what has happened to your Child ( it will help you in his recovery ). This is stopping him from learning new things Autism Confirmed -Time to go all guns blazing Its now or never, you cant afford delay in this matter.

It seems that the child has slipped into his own world . His mind is getting trained to be in his own world . Put all your energy into pulling your child out of the world that he has slipped into.

Once the diagnosis is done, it is very essential to come to terms with the diagnosis as fast as possible.

I have seen that most of the parents struggle with the diagnosis for months or years together, which is extremely harmful for the child.After good deal of discussion with the parents , I found out that the mother had put the child into a regular primary school .This School had no Special infrastructure for handling autism .Taking the child to your Family doctor or a pediatrician can at times delay the diagnosis as some of them might be not clinically trained to identify Autism Spectrum Disorder ( I could be wrong here , as the clinical training differs from country to country and also the experience and the awareness has a strong bearing on the knowledge of the Pediatrician.).A Neuro developmental specialist is the right person for diagnosis.This child after 3-4 months of Homeopathic Treatment developed speech and could speak between 20-30 odd words although they were just single words .Then suddenly he started losing all what he had learnt.I have seen plenty of cases recovering or becoming quite significantly better after early behavior and Homeopathic intervention.You can believe me because I have huge experience in dealing with Autism.There is a lot of information and videos available on the net .Try Searching You Tube for videos and you will find thousands of them. The Big Mantra in Autism Recovery Therapy – Stimulate & Simulate & Stimulate As I already said autism therapy is no rocket science , the basic fundamental behind every therapy is to constantly engage with the child ; Never leave him alone . This is what is most damaging for the child with autism.


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