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On the plus side, you can use Outlook Mail as your email hub on the web: it lets you access your other POP and IMAP accounts – including all folders for IMAP.Its functions can be extended quite dramatically with add-ons – say, to categorize or, yes, schedule email, or to save message text online. More » i Gmail is Google's approach to email and instant messaging.

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Why get bogged down with inconvenient registration pages when you don’t have to?That means collecting lots and lots of emails (with ample, though not unlimited storage), then relying on search and sorting to find them again.True to that proposition, Gmail categorizes emails automatically using tabs (Primary, Social, and Promotions among others) automatically and comes with powerful search tools, which also double as helpful filters. Its spam filter, of course, also profits from the email analytics smarts and is practically precise.Read the full Gmail review or find out how to create a free Gmail account right now and get the most out of it with these top tips for using Gmail.More » Proton Mail lets you use highly secure and anonymous email for free using capable mobile apps and an equally potent web interface.Gmail puts contextual advertising next to the emails you read.It's a great program but if you ever decide you need to remove a GMail account from an Android device, it's fairly simple to do.Text snippets and possibly a dash of machine learning could make both the templates and regular email writing even easier, and the filters for sorting email could be more versatile. Mail efficient to use on the web while built-in e-cards add touches of fun and color. Mail does not work as a full IMAP email program on the web; you can access existing POP accounts, though. The web interface shines with a clear interface that offers many an option.While Outlook Mail can sort important email from the rest and even categorize newsletters, bills, photos, and more automatically, it also lets you set up folders or apply custom labels as it suits you.Many a feature that depends on email contents is a tad trickier for Proton Mail to offer, of course, because everything has to happen in the browser or app – this is the only place where emails exist in their decrypted form.Read the full Proton Mail review or find out how to create a Proton Mail account right away.


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