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Yes, UK goes to war without UN approval or even parliamentary debate.

'But the most important news is what pics I use in a tweet.

Stay tuned for more information regarding SSF2 at the con throughout the coming weeks.

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And the photo shows a raid on a built-up area of a city - whereas Friday night's strike targeted chemical weapons sites some distance from civilian homes.

People on Twitter quickly pointed out the image she had used was not a genuine photograph, but a fake image often used by the Syrian state media channel SANA TVC.Please do not include personal or contact information.Diane Abbott has been caught out posting a fake image of an Israeli fighter plane bombing Iran in a tweet slamming Britain's airstrikes on Syria.Tell your friends; tell random people on the street. It is sophisticated and provocative, featuring some of the sexiest glamour and erotic nude models, and adult performers.With hundreds of new pictures in our Collections, new SINNGirl fan pages, and new articles, advice column posts, interviews, news and comics in the FORUM. ABC reporter Julia Macfarlane wrote: 'Diane Abbott The Shadow Home Secretary here, using a photoshopped image, of what looks like an Israeli F15 jet, that has been repeatedly used on SANA TVC articles since early 2017.'But Ms Abbott has refused to delete the pictured or apologise for her mistake - and instead had a go at people for criticising her.Colin Jacobs joined in the criticism - pointing out that Diane Abbott's famous car crash election interview when she could not say how much Labour's policing policies cost should have been a reminder of the need to get her facts straight She wrote: 'Apparently, my use of this pic is "important news".The PM will deliver a passionate defence of the Syria strikes today as she faces off with MPs.She will insist action to degrade Bashar Assad's chemical weapons capability was in the 'national interest' and justified on humanitarian grounds.Ms Abbott posted the image with the message attacking International Development Secretary Penny Mordaunt for her interview on BBC Radio 4 Today Programme.She wrote: 'Shocking to hear Tory minister on BBC Radio 4 Today claim that you can't allow Parliament to vote on war because that would be to "outsource the decision to people who don't have all the info".'Do these people understand what parliamentary democracy is?


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