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Hopefully that and using Yes products may see the end of it. ""I had not encountered vaginal dryness and BV before I entered menopause and I have found the symptoms quite distressing. Cancer treatment left me dreading intimacy with my fabulous husband of 20 years. Tried store options, w chemicals, got infections and itched. I love the fact that the lubricants have natural ingredients that are natural and beneficial to the skin.I am post menopausal but not ready to give up on our sex life. Yes VM has really helped me restore and maintain the balance needed. My husband and I really enjoyed the Double Glide experience. Following surgery I was extremely dry and uncomfortable.Now lets see what's available inside District 21 @ IOI City Mall first before I share bout ticketing info: Incorporating 11 adventure attractions, many of which have never been seen in Asia.

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The 11 attractions available in District 21 @ IOI City Mall range from established products such as the High Ropes course, interactive climbing (Power Station), Launch Pad (Trampoline), Tubby Ride, Free Fall, to unique bespoke attractions like the Floating Maze, Pump track, Go Pedal and the world’s first – The Roller Glider.

There will be seven types of wall for you to climb and each of them has different level of difficulty.

Safety flooring is provided throughout the climbing area for additional safety.

The Roller Glider is a world first attraction, a mix of zip line and coaster.

Now if you could do something for achy hips and knees I'd be well away!!! I went away recently and forgot to pack it and ended up using soap. My symptoms have all cleared completely and I feel comfortable and well which I attribute to the daily application of Yes VM. I was prescribed HRT cream to aid healing but didn't want to use it long term.

""Yes plant oil based are quite useful for a busy working single woman like me. Thank you sincerely and also thank you for not making your products super expensive. ""I was given HRT for dryness three years ago by a doctor, this made things much worse and caused more dryness and ripping of my vaginal wall during sex.The resulting look gives the impression of a once abandoned building that’s been left in a ruin.After looking at the recent photos people posting up, it seems like District 21 will be a fun place to hang out with friends and definitely good for team building.The 11 adventure attractions including Wall climbing, Roller glider, Go Pedal, Pump Track, Low Ropes, Trampoline, The Maze, Free fall ( buggy jumping), Sky Trail, Tubby Ride and Carousel.Before accessing the park, all visitors must pass through a decontamination chamber."I really love the range and now realise that women of all ages have 'dry' problems. Easy to apply and it moisturises long enough through out the day. It was given to me by my Gynaecologist initially I was hesitant and was in denial about using it. The dryness was possibly due to stress as I am still having periods three years later.Its something that has only become a problem to me since being prescribed Tamoxifen which has completely messed me up but I'm so glad your company was recommended to me ""Other gels eg. ""Only product that has helped prevent thrush and cistitus which I have suffered from over last 40 years and now post menopausal is a lifesaver. Yes could have saved me a lot of pain, anxiety and damage if i'd known about it sooner.KY have left me feeling sore - Yes products feel OK and work well. The little pouches which contain the tubes are a lovely and helpful touch. I'm sure you could be at the forfront of these life damaging issues. Fabulous husband found Yes and it has truly helped along with low dose HRT cream per oncologist's ok. ""So far my boyfriend and I love it, we have the WB and OB lubricant and are trying the BUT lubricant for the first time. Thank you for making such wonderful, natural products! ""I received samples of Yes products at a Comedy show in Edinburgh and having just recently been diagnosed with Lichens Sclerosus I thought I would try the products.The Lichen Sclerosis - a new thing this year - has been cut off. ""I have suffered with vulvodynia and lichen sclerosus for over twenty years and when I get a horrible long attack it’s the only thing that soothes and helps me, I wouldn't be without it, thank you so much YES.x ""Thank you so much. The products are great I especially like the oil based lubricant it feels so much better than the emulsifying ointment, easier to apply as well.Been to IOI City Mall and still wondering what is District 21??District 21 is an Active Leisure Park located in a 70,000 Not only District 21 is a themed family entertainment centre (FEC) where all attractions are based on active participation you can definitely be the guardian or join the adventure together and engage more with your childrens.


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